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I learned HTML and CSS from a kid’s game site (Neopets, for those with kids, check it out) when I was about 19. I really wanted a customized profile like the other’s had. At the time I had no idea it was the start to something more.

I soon began playing around with it and built my own website. By the time I decided to take a small community program I was already a head of the game.

Still, I hadn’t considered building sites for other people, I just wanted to build a site for my jewelry (psychecreations.ca) and for my own blog (amandalynnemurtagh.com).

It wasn’t until I lost yet another job to being chronically (yet undiagnosed) ill, that the potential of all I had been learning came to light.

I dove head first into the world of online business from the comfort (and safety) of my bed and soon learned about virtual assistance as a way to use my years of office experience.

Over time I tried doing more social media management work (and still work with TeachMeSocial.ca) but it wasn’t my favourite. Truth be told, building websites still gets my focus. I absolutely love when I can help someone realize their dreams with the online business they need.

Amanda is my right-hand lady (I’m not even sure if she’s right-handed).

Amanda may be the one responding to your emails or working through stages with us to create the perfect website and online platform for you.

Amanda (no, I don’t get tired of repeating my name) is also the amazing artist and owner of Ravinzangel.ca so go support mental health initiatives and great art!

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