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Build your ecommerce store with an ecommerce focused platform.

Process Payments Anywhere

Shopify is both an online store and a point of sale for in-person events.

Manage Your Inventory

Manager inventory so you always know what you have left in stock and when something is running low.

Sell While You Sleep

Your Shopify website will be accessible to customers 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

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Fill in the contact form below to book a phone consultation about your current site or have me set up a development site for you to explore.

Before I met Amanda, I was doing everything myself because I did not trust anyone with the task of designing or running my website for me… Which needless to say was a lot of work Amanda has helped me to better understand social media, marketing/advertising and about drawing more traffic to my website. She is very helpful and on point with what the site needs. Amanda gives honest and informative tips and advice on how to better my my website and services. She is ALWAYS available when needed and on time with tasks to be done. Amanda is a pleasure to work with! She keeps track of everything needed and ensures my site is always running smoothly. I am very pleased with the quality of her work and could not imagine running my site without her! Professional, honest, effective, and always on point. More importantly, she listens to what you want and brings your vision to life!

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