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Training and Setup for Tools and Techniques to Get Your Business Moving

Have you ever seen, or even bought, a tool that you thought would be perfect for your business.
Or signed up for an online platform that promised you all the time and organization you needed?

I’m sure you have. We all have. Some people will dive right in and get it, other’s not so much.

I have good news for you!

Now, I will teach you how to use that tool or online platform and help you set it up right on a zoom call together.

How Does It Work?

You pick up to 3 tools and we spend one 2-hour recorded zoom call together for each platform or tool.

On each call I will set up the tool while you watch, ask questions, and learn.

By the time we are done the 2 hour call you will have the tool ready for use and the understanding of how to use it.

But, it doesn’t end there!

You will also have full email access to me for any and all of your questions related to the platform for 90 days.

What If I Don’t Know What Tools I Should Use?

I can help you figure it out.

What do I get?You walk away from the 90 days with:

  • 3 fully set up systems for your business
  • Three 2-hour calls (or 6 one-hour calls) and another 3 Q&A follow up calls
  • Full email access to help when you are stuck, unsure, or need feedback for 90 days
  • 3 fully set up systems for your business
  • Three 2-hour calls and another 3 Q&A follow up calls
  • Full email access to help when you are stuck, unsure, or need feedback for 90 days

Below are some of the tools, platforms, and processes that I can help you learn and setup:

Tools for Automation and Organization


Asana is a fantastic tool for organizing EVERYTHING about your business (and life). Choose a checklist or a board layout, see it all in a timeline or on a calendar. Asana has everything you need.
Check out Asana here: Asana


Evernote is like having a digital binder to carry around with you.
Clip web pages, save notes in writing or voice, save and annotate PDFs, and use tags to find it all easily.
Must upgrade to paid to use on all devices.
To check out Evernote go Here


When just starting out you don’t need to spend a ton of money or use complicated tools.
MailChimp is perfect for your email marketing needs. Use the free plan until you hit 10,000 subscribers.
Start your new account here: Join MailChimp

Google Tools

Google has so many amazing tools. From gmail and Google calendar to G-Suite and Google Drive.
There’s also: Google Analytics, Keep, Google docs, slides, sheets, maps, search console and more.
To check out the suite of Google tools you can go here: Google Suite

Tools and Techniques for Your Website

WordPress Basics

Looking to have your own WordPress site but getting frustrated with the video tutorials, large number of themes, the different ways to create content and what everything even means?
I can help you figure it all out so you can build with confidence.


Are you looking to add a shop for physical and/or digital products to your WordPress website? I will help you set up your back end settings, the payment options, the categories and tags, and help you learn how to add products and add them all to your navigation.

Divi Builder for WordPress

The Divi Builder by Elegant Themes is the builder I love to use for all of my website builds. It has easy to use modules, lots of ways to customize, and simple drag and drop capabilities.
Check out Divi Builder and their other tools on Elegant Themes

SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing with new rules from Google and the advancements in technology. I help you figure out how to navigate SEO for your website, content and brand using free tools so you can monitor and readjust as needed. SEO will help you plan, create, and compete.

Tools and Techniques for Using Social Media

Getting Started with Social Media

In this 2 hour session we cover basics of posting, topic ideas, how to use BufferApp to schedule posts, how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram specifically for your business. We cover hashtags, post types, image sizes, and a lot of tips and tricks.

Instagram and Canva

Instagram is not a huge platform in terms of ability but it sure packs a powerful punch. Being that IG is entirely visually focused we go through creating great IG images in Canva, using hashtags, scheduling (using BufferApp), connecting with your audience, using Lives, Stories, and IGTV, and more.

Pinterest and Canva

Have you heard of group boards? Do you know how to make a cover image that stands out? Did you know that Pinterest can be a great referral of traffic to your website? It’s also a great place to promote affiliate products, keep content hidden for you to use later, and even shop from. Pinterest is a hidden secret you can get lost in.

Facebook Basics

We delve into everything Facebook for Business (except ads). Groups, pages, rules, settings, tactics, image sizes, setting everything up for success, scheduling posts, creating group rules, connecting with your market in good ways, stories, videos, and more.


You know you need nice images for your website and social media but did you know you could create them for free with Canva? I will walk you through using your own resources, free stock images, and the Canva sizes, assets, and tools to create the branded images you need for every platform.

I may have forgotten some, so if the tool you want to learn about isn’t here just contact me and I will let you know if I can help.

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